Hashove tavern started working in May 2000 and it is located in the very heart of Veliko Tarnovo. It was build according to the rules of the local architectural tradition, its interior is thoroughly in "timber, stone and metal" style.

Hashove tavern is constructed on three levels and it will impress you with its spacious interior as well as with its huge fireplace, which creates a close and unique atmosphere. The modern equipment includes full air conditioning and suction devices as well as "air curtain" on the floor. You will be guaranteed your pleasure with a fresh air, cigarette smoke free and comfortable atmosphere even early in the morning. The professionally selected band together with the modern sound system contribute to your excellent mood. The working hours of the band during the season from 15th September to15th June are from 20.30 to 01.00(Sunday off)

In Hashove tavern you will have cheerful and remembered evenings with the local traditional cuisine and at the same time you could try the traditional cuisine from other parts of Bulgaria, and all of that is combined with a fast and quality service. With its 150 seats and flexible price politics Hashove tavern is a preferred partner to Bulgarian and foreign tour companies whose organized tourists dine in the tavern. It has a suitable atmosphere for the organization of celebrations, family special occasions, weddings, meetings, birthdays, business meals, private parties etc.

Cool in the summer and cozy by the fireplace in the winter- here you will feel nice and comfortable having unforgettable fun with friends, colleagues, relatives.
The pleasant atmosphere, the delicious meals and professional service are a means of having a great time

wireless internet access in the tavern
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